About Discovery House

The goal of Discovery House is to publish books that feed the soul with the Word of God, fostering growth and godliness in the lives of God's people. That was part of our founding vision, and we want it to be true of each new release that we offer. Whether you’re looking for books, music, video, audio, software, greeting cards, or content to download, we try to provide you with materials that focus on Scripture, that show reverence for God and His Word, that demonstrate the relevance of vibrant faith, and that equip and encourage you in your life every day.

As you browse our Web site, we trust you’ll find something that meets your need, in the format you want. And most of all, we hope you’ll find that we’ve remained true to that early vision. We would be delighted if you found something that encourages you to turn to God’s Word for comfort, or that brings you fresh insight on Scripture and nurtures your faith.


Ken Petersen