In Pursuit of Peter the Apostle with In Pursuit of Paul (2-DVD Set)

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Explore the lives of Paul and Peter like never before with these travelogue-style documentaries. Con Campbell is a New Testament scholar whose curiosity about these apostles of Jesus led him to retrace their life stories. You'll travel with Con to Jerusalem, to Rome, and throughout the Mediterranean region, experiencing the sights and sounds of modern-day places while uncovering the history of these influential men.

In Pursuit of Paul is a seven-part series that captures the great apostle's personality and passion for the gospel.
Part 1: Transformed
Before the apostle Paul was a friend of the faith, he was a passionate enemy. From Paul’s birth to rebirth, Campbell explores the radical transformation that left him fully committed to Jesus as Christ, Lord, God, and Savior.
Part 2: Called
Investigate Paul’s three “silent years” after conversion, when in Arabia (Jordan) he prepared for his mission.
Part 3: Mission to the World
Trace Paul’s first missionary journey from the island of Cyprus to what is modern-day Turkey, and understand his challenge of telling the story of Jesus to a Gentile, Roman culture.
Part 4: Wisdom of the Cross
Embark on Paul’s second missionary journey to a new continent and specifically to Athens—the heart of Greco-Roman thought and wisdom—where he reasoned with his listeners to present the wisdom of the cross.
Part 5: Christ above All
Paul’s third and final missionary journey includes Ephesus, one of the most prominent idol- worshiping cities of the Roman Empire, and ends in Jerusalem.
Part 6: Secure in the Storm
Campbell follows Paul’s last years, from his arrest and trial in Israel to his shipwreck on the island of Malta, and ultimately his imprisonment in Rome.
Part 7: Finishing the Race
Paul's journey nears its conclusion as he writes letters under house arrest, anticipating his martyrdom. His life can be summarized by some of his last words: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

In Pursuit of Peter is a six-part series that visits the places Peter lived and traveled, exploring how Jesus slowly transformed this uneducated fisherman's life.
Part 1: The Man and the Sea
A fisherman from the Sea of Galilee has his world disrupted when he meets Jesus. Immediately Jesus changes the man’s name from Simon to Peter, meaning “Rock.” But Peter doesn’t understand why. The answer would be revealed over the next few years.
Part 2: Who Is This Man?
As a disciple, Peter had a front row seat to Jesus’s teaching and miracles. They altered Peter’s paradigm of who Jesus is and the kingdom He came to build.
Part 3: Hope of Messiah
Knowing Jesus is the Messiah, Peter anticipates a Jewish kingdom and the conquest of Roman occupiers. But when Jesus is arrested, Peter panics: he denies knowing the Lord. Flooded with grief, his hope is renewed when Jesus restores him.
Part 4: Hope for the Nations
After Jesus departs for heaven and the Spirit arrives to indwell all who believe in Him, Peter’s rocklike boldness emerges. Three thousand people from around the Roman world respond in faith, and Peter becomes the foundational leader of the new “Jesus movement.”
Part 5: New Horizons
After Peter leads the church in Jerusalem for a decade, his role changes. As an eyewitness to Jesus’s life, he moves across the Mediterranean world reminding troubled followers that this world is not their home.
Part 6: Veneration
Peter’s final destination is Rome, the center of world influence. From there he writes his last words—words to live by and words to die by. Crucified by Emperor Nero, Peter leaves an incalculable contribution to the Christian faith.

Constantine R. Campbell (PhD, Macquarie University) is professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He is the author of several books, including the award-winning Paul and Union with Christ.

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