Along the Road (paperback)

How Jesus Used Geography to Tell God's Story

by John Beck

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Throughout the centuries, the Bible has been explored in countless ways, from chronological to thematic, approaches designed to make study efficient and effective. But the Bible wasn’t written in a vacuum. In Along the Road, John Beck intertwines the timeless stories and truths of the Bible with the geography that links many of them together. Beck shows how physical aspects of the land enhance our understanding of Jesus’s life and ministry, giving you new insights into familiar Bible accounts.
John Beck takes the weighty concepts of Biblical geography and brings them to a level that everyone can understand—even if you’re not a geography buff. The features of the countryside where Jesus lived and worked were often integral to the parables and miracles related in the Gospels. Divorcing the Bible text from the ground where it arose removes much of its insight, so Beck describes in rich detail the landscape of the Holy Land where Jesus shared the gospel and performed miracles. Tying together the culture, geography, and history of each locale brings fresh insight to familiar Bible stories.

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wonderful read!Review by mouse
This book really opened my eyes to the connections between people and places in the Bible in ways that I would never have considered on my own. John Beck has lived in these places and knows what they are like, so you get a very accurate account of what Biblical figures would have seen, felt, and reacted to the setting and time. It really blew my mind - I've read it twice already, and am sure I will read it again. Fantastic! (Posted on 11/2/2018)

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Features & Details

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