What's Next

Your Dream Job, God's Call, and a Life That Sets You Free

by Daniel Ryan Day

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Find fulfillment and freedom in your career and ministry as you discover God's will for your life.  

Scripture has outlined everything we need for guidance, direction, and a peace-filled life. What’s Next points you to God's Word to help you move forward when life seems like it's standing still.  

Daniel Ryan Day found this to be true as he struggled to find God's call on his life. Day had expected that “dream job” and “God’s call” would be the same. But what he discovered when he searched Scripture set him free from frustration so he could confidently step forward in God’s will.  

Sometimes while we wait for clear-cut advice from the Almighty, we miss what He's already directed us to do. Learn from Day's experience and see how God's directives can give you a life that sets you free.  

What’s Next includes discussion questions to help you process what you’ve learned through Scripture and guide you toward your next steps.

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Rewarding Reading!!Review by Emily G
This book was amazing!!! SO incredibly helpful. I've told all my friends about it, and I plan on giving copies to anyone I know who was like me struggling to find God's working in my "dream" job. I wish this was written earlier and someone had given it to me. I felt like the author knew me and was writing my life story! (Except for the teams in chapter 1, I think I fit on 5 of them. LOL). So thankful for hearing about this book on the radio. It has really blessed me, changed how I view God's will, and freed me from false expectations. Matt 11:28-19. (Posted on 1/9/2020)

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Features & Details

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