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Before Christmas

by Bill Crowder

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Christmas hits the top of the list for the most joyous time of the year! But are you really experiencing the full joy of the season? Before Christmas will take you behind the story of the Savior’s birth to help you see and know Christ in a way that leads to greater wonder and appreciation. It will show you what the Bible says about the One who came into the world—before He came into the world. You’ll gain a full understanding of God’s story of redemption as you examine Jesus’s character as God, relationship with the Father, appearances in the Old Testament, and more.

This intriguing book is paired with Our Daily Bread's special Christmas edition titled, Joy to the World. Open this booklet and read the ten reflections that will help you see why Jesus is worth celebrating this season. And be sure to read “A Final Thought” at the end to see how “joy to the world” is tied in to Christmas and how you are a part of this miracle.

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Features & Details

Features & Details

Product Code: KR813
Publish Date: Oct 11, 2019