Luke (Daylight Set)

Gospel of Reassurance

by Daylight Bible Studies

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Take a fascinating journey through the lands of the New Testament as host Michael Card examines the gospel of Luke and stirs your imagination with insights into the life of Christ. Explore the historical and social context in which this gospel was written. Discover in this 8-lesson interactive study how God used the research skills of a doctor to communicate the amazing life and teachings of Jesus.

Your kit includes a 6-lesson DVD, a leader's guide, and 1 participant study guide. Additional participant user guides are available here.

Approximate runtime for video sessions. Runtime 100 Minutes

1. A New Look At Luke  
2. The Bridge  
3. Not an Eyewitness  
4. Gospel of Amazement  
5. Ministry of Mercy  
6. On the Road  
7. The Final Days  
8. The Innocence of Jesus  
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