Why Doesn't God Answer Me?

A Study of Psalm 77

by Ray C. Stedman

Here’s a fresh perspective on prayer that can change the way people talk to God—and respond to His silence. Based on Psalm 77, this Bible study examines the story of Asaph, a man nearly driven to despair because it seems God refuses to answer him. Readers are challenged to focus on God before praying about hurts, needs, feelings, and petitions. Why Doesn’t God Answer Me? helps readers step away from doubt and fear, move into a renewed and deepened faith in God, and affirm His greatness in their lives.

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Product Code: WX277
ISBN: 978-1-62707-473-5
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 60
Publish Date: Feb 8, 2016
Trim Size: 5.8268” x 8.2677”
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