Luke & Acts

Immerse: The Reading Bible

Discover a more authentic way to read God’s Word about the early church!

Immerse: Luke & Acts shares the history of the early Christian movement. The completion of Jesus’s work—through His suffering, death and resurrection, is followed by the spreading of His Good News—which started with the persecution of His followers. Together these two Bible books, which are also included in Immerse: Messiah, reveal that Jesus is Israel’s promised King and the world’s true Ruler. 

With a reading plan spanning only 20 days and four short questions to consider throughout your journey, you’ll be encouraged to explore the power of this Scripture in your life and in community.

The Bible tells the story of God’s plan and invites you into it. But sometimes it can be hard to make meaningful connections with the Bible. Winner of the Evangelical Christian Association of Publishers 2022 Bible of the Year, Immerse: The Reading Bible, inspires you to embrace God’s Word, learn His story and enter into it like never before:  

  • The Holy Bible is presented in its original form without chapter and verse breaks 

  • In a more historical order

  • Through multiple volumes that reflect its natural segments

  • Using the readable and accurate New Living Translation

Experience the greatest story ever told the way it was intended with the Immerse collection!

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