A Woman Jesus Can Teach (paperback)

New Testament Women Help You Make Today's Choices

by Alice Mathews

With an alabaster flask in her hand, Mary of Bethany made her way across a crowded room to find Jesus. Then she gently poured fragrant oil on His head. As it seeped down into Jesus’s beard, Mary knelt and poured more oil on His feet, wiping the excess with her long, flowing hair.
Looking on in judgment of Mary’s actions, Judas was quick to criticize. But Jesus defended Mary, knowing that she had given her very best to express love and gratitude. She had chosen to follow and obey Jesus—the Master Teacher.
Sharing wisdom for Christian women in a world of multiple responsibilities, A Woman Jesus Can Teach highlights the stories of Mary of Bethany, Mary Magdalene, two widows, and several others in the Gospels. In each of their encounters with Jesus, you’ll see how He defied traditions and took great risks to offer them hope, new life, or a second chance.
These biblical accounts will encourage you to examine your own relationship with Jesus. Discover how you can strengthen your faith, align your priorities with God’s will, and allow Jesus to teach you how to make choices that will glorify Him.

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