The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers

Author of My Utmost for His Highest

by Oswald Chambers

Now you can have all of Oswald Chambers’ more than forty books, including My Utmost for His Highest and three never-before-printed studies, in one complete volume. This elegant, hardcover book is a compilation of the spiritual legacy left behind by Oswald Chambers. With insightful notes by award-winning author and Chambers historian David McCasland, you’re sure to find this book a timeless treasure to enjoy again and again.

The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers features:
> Invigorating, incisive teaching
> Never-before-published notes on Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah
> A general index of people, places, and terms
> Introductions for each book by biographer David McCasland

Join people all over the world who find practical insights into biblical truths and encouragement to serve Christ daily in the teachings of Oswald Chambers.



A Word about Oswald Chambers

Approved unto God

with Facing Reality

Baffled to Fight Better

Biblical Ethics

Biblical Psychology

Bringing Sons unto Glory

Called of God

Christian Disciplines, Volume 1

Christian Disciplines, Volume 2

Conformed to His Image

Disciples Indeed

God’s Workmanship

He Shall Glorify Me

The Highest Good

with The Pilgrim’s Song Book

The Highest Good

Thy Great Redemption

If Thou Wilt Be Perfect

If Ye Shall Ask

Knocking at God’s Door

The Love of God

a combined volume including:

The Love of God

The Ministry of the Unnoticed

The Message of Invincible Consolation

The Making of a Christian

Now Is It Possible

The Graciousness of Uncertainty

The Moral Foundations of Life

My Utmost for His Highest

Not Knowing Whither

Our Brilliant Heritage

with Grow Up into Him

As He Walked

Our Portrait in Genesis

The Place of Help

The Psychology of Redemption

The Philosophy of Sin

Run Today’s Race

The Shadow of an Agony

Shade of His Hand

The Servant as His Lord

So Send I You

Workmen of God

Notes on Isaiah

Notes on Jeremiah

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Notes on Ezekiel



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A Treasure for the mind. Review by Budd
Oswald Chambers was a man anointed by God to receive deep insight into Biblical writings. He has blessed us with his words and his wife has blessed us with her determination to ensure these anointed words reached itchy ears. Thank you!. (Posted on 8/18/2019)
His writings always lead me to the Lord.Review by Bibi
I have had “My Utmost “ for 60 years and It never ceases to bless me. The total works is amazing !!
A very worthwhile investment!
Brings joy reading every page!
Next to the bible the very best book to have! (Posted on 1/30/2019)
Pure Gold! Review by Obie
I have read "My Utmost for His Highest" for years and am so sorry I did not purchase this in the past. I now have Oswald Chambers' gold mine of wisdom, insights and encouragement. The pages are thin (like a Bible) but of high enough quality to highlight with little bleed through. If you are looking for red meat to chew on and are tired of the run of the mill Pablum most authors provide, this compilation of His works is for you. (Posted on 12/14/2018)
Deep spiritual insight and blessings!!!Review by Bob the White
I love all of OC’s writings. (Posted on 11/3/2018)
XX excellentReview by Cookie
This is such an excellent book it cuts you deep and then heals you at the same time wonderful collection. (Posted on 8/23/2018)
So Amazing!!!Review by Ccdean
Talk about a resource of piercing truth and clarity about who the Lord is and His heart thru Jesus!! Such a gift of revelation is all of OC works!!! (Posted on 5/11/2018)
The best book I have.Review by Mike Carroll
Apart from the bible itself, this is the best book I have ever purchased, and I am very grateful to God for the wisdom and insight that came through that young man, and to his dear wife who made his work available (Posted on 2/14/2018)
Amazing on each page!!Review by criscdean
This man was touched clearly by the Lord for the Lord and His purposes. The other resources he wrote are just as profound as My Utmost.... and it's so good having them together in one publication!! Such an insightful gathering of all his works! (Posted on 9/21/2017)
Spiritual Buffet Review by David
An excellent book for all believers in Christ, be you a new babe or a wise worker / warrior. Mr. Chambers' work, though over 100 years old, will resonate within you; there's an awesome anointing on every page as scripture is used to address the varied concerns of those seeking to truly grow in grace. (Posted on 11/12/2016)
Such a Godly ManReview by William
I wish we had more Oswald Chambers in this world-- Great inspiration (Posted on 6/28/2016)
If you love reading Oswald Chambers, get this bookReview by Kurt
I run a Bible study in which we use this book, The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers. In addition to the daily devotional, it has all of Chambers' studies, which go much further and deeper than My Utmost For His Highest can go. My copy of this book is marked, underlined and highlighted like no other book I have other than the Bible itself. If you love reading My Utmost, get this book. (Posted on 10/14/2015)

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