Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled - Easy Print Edition

40 Daily Meditations on Jesus and Prayer

by Dave Branon

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled will refocus your spirit, calm your heart, and remind you of God’s promises when you feel worried or anxious. It gives you forty days of hope-filled meditations immersed in the teachings, stories, and prayers of Jesus. Each day provides:

  • Devotional thoughts on the intersection of the reader, the world, and Jesus
  • A Bible-based prayer focused on a single chapter of Scripture
  • One or two short lines to pray and consider throughout the day

It’s designed for you to read in the morning so that the example of how Jesus dealt with troubles and the Bible-based prayers will carry you through the day resting in Him—unburdened by worries.
Yes, we live in a chaotic world of rapid change, personal crisis, and global tragedy, where fear and anxiety are on the rise. But you don't have to respond that way. Read Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled and see how you can have a different mind-set based on Jesus’s example.

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Product Code: NT910
Language English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 208
Publish Date: Dec 31, 1999
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
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