Héroes desconocidos

by Jaime Fernández Garrido

God sees every single detail of your life.
We live in a society that worships those who have obtained fame and fortune, and who quite often appear in the news—perhaps even on the front pages of various media outlets. But what about the people who've made a positive impact and no one knows who they are or what they’ve done?
Unknown Heroes of the Bible in Spanish will remind you that God has prepared eternal rewards for those who fulfill His purpose. Each chapter of this engaging book offers fresh perspectives and wisdom from the unsung heroes of the Bible who simply trusted God. You’ll see how the Lord used their faith and way of life to transform history. And in every chapter, you’ll find a QR code that links to the author’s video for additional information.
God sees every single detail of your life—He has not forgotten about you. Open the pages of Unknown Heroes of the Bible to discover how you can trust the Lord and allow Him to use you to influence others.

Cuando pensamos en grandes personajes de la Biblia, nos vienen a la mente David, Moisés, Juan el Bautista, Pablo o María, la madre de Jesús. Pero entretejidos en las historias de estos gigantes de la fe, hay personas que no nos resultan tan conocidas, pero que también son héroes de la fe. Muchos se mencionan solo en un versículo, y de algunos, ni siquiera sabemos el nombre. Pero Dios sabe quiénes son y valora su servicio para Él. Descubre en estos personajes lo que Dios puede estar esperando de ti, para que cumplas su propósito en tu vida. Con enlaces para video de cada capítulo.

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Publish Date: Sep 16, 2018
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