Avant notre mariage

Before the Ring

by William Coleman

With wisdom, compassion, and a healthy dose of humor, William Coleman helps couples who are considering marriage to ask some of those important questions before the “big day.”

Combien de fois avez-vous entendu quelqu’un dire ceci : « J’aurais aimé qu’on me fasse penser à ça avant le mariage » ? Vous pouvez maintenant intervenir. Avec sagesse, compassion et une bonne dose d’humour, William Coleman aide celui ou celle qui désire se marier à poser ces grandes questions avant le « grand jour ». Avant notre mariage est peut-être le cadeau le plus utile que vous pourriez offrir à une personne qui désire se marier.

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You’ve always wanted a lifelong marriage. But you’ve also seen the alarming statistics that make you think about your chances of having a successful marriage. So how can you know that you’ve truly met the love of your life? How can you see past the stars in your eyes when you’re in love?

William Coleman has spent many years talking with couples: dating couples, engaged couples, married couples, divorced couples, remarried couples. And these conversations have convinced him that while most people would marry the same person again, they would go about it differently. They would learn more, grow more, ask more questions, reveal more of themselves, and argue less.

Not a dry, how-to book, Before the Ring is an entertaining and easy read, punctuated with illustrations that tickle the funny bone and packed with valuable insights. You’ll enjoy Coleman’s humor and wit; you’ll benefit from his experience and wisdom. Allow him to guide you and your dating partner or prospective spouse into discussions of the important, enduring issues by answering self-revealing questions designed to help you get to know and love each other better.
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