Pure Desire (Traditional Chinese)

Traditional Chinese translation of Pure Desire

by Gary Inrig

How do you live a life of biblical integrity in today’s sex-saturated, self-gratifying culture where moral values are constantly under attack and where sin distorts all that God designed?
Gary Inrig addresses this dilemma by providing a practical understanding of Gods good gift of human sexuality, how His purpose for it has been distorted, and His plan for restoration in this area. Pure Desire anchors moral conviction in specific passages of Scripture and offers wise counsel for ourselves and for our children on how to face the challenge of the culture.



《合神心意的慾望》鼓勵我們逃避性慾的罪,渴慕追求聖潔,活出榮神益人的生命,書中所探討的主題:「上帝所賜的美好禮物」、「失樂園」、「我的身體與上帝的榮耀」、「我的婚姻與上帝的榮耀」、「與眼睛立約」、 「家長的陪同指導是必須的」,以及「同性戀,可以被接受嗎?」等等,幫助讀者:

• 以聖靈的寶劍捍衛純正的道德價值觀

• 在破碎的世界中持守上帝所賜的美好禮物

• 在上帝的話語中紮根

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