Pure Desire (Traditional Chinese)

Traditional Chinese translation of Pure Desire

by Gary Inrig

How do you live a life of biblical integrity in today’s sex-saturated, self-gratifying culture where moral values are constantly under attack and where sin distorts all that God designed?
Gary Inrig addresses this dilemma by providing a practical understanding of Gods good gift of human sexuality, how His purpose for it has been distorted, and His plan for restoration in this area. Pure Desire anchors moral conviction in specific passages of Scripture and offers wise counsel for ourselves and for our children on how to face the challenge of the culture.
Pure Desire encourages us to have a deep desire to not only avoid sexual sin but to pursue holiness for our good and the glory of God. Chapters like God’s Good Gift, Paradise Lost, My Body and God’s Glory, My Marriage and God’s Glory, Eye Covenant, Parental Guidance Required, and Is Gay Okay? will equip you to:

> Fight for Moral Values with the Sword of True Spirituality
> Preserve God’s Good Gift in a Broken World
> Anchor Your Christian Convictions in Scripture

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