The God Who Walks Beside Us

by David Roper

100% of 100
When setbacks and failures are at the forefront of life, moving forward can sometimes seem like a lonesome journey. In The God Who Walks Beside Us, David Roper reminds us that, “God is never surprised by what we have done or what we’re doing . . . He will not give up or go away until His work is done.” Even in allowing disappointing things to happen, God still remains our greatest advocate.

Previously titled Jacob: The Fools God Chooses, this newly updated, devotional-style book . . .
  • Shares lessons from the life of Jacob.
  • Helps you see how God can use you in spite of your brokenness.
  •  Encourages you to follow God’s direction as you navigate through life.
The God Who Walks Beside Us is an excellent resource to share with those who are struggling with disappointment. Through the wisdom of the Word, timely quotes, and inspiring poems, you’ll gain a better understanding of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, even in difficult times. Discover how you can experience the power and presence of the God who is always there.
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Product Code: WK113
Language English
ISBN: 978-1-57293-746-8
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publish Date: Jan 31, 2013
Trim Size: 5" x 7"
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