Moving Beyond Failure

Lessons from the Life of Simon Peter

by Bill Crowder

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Sometimes disappointments in life can leave you feeling as if you’ve been shaken to the core. How can you regain your footing and keep moving forward?

Moving Beyond Failure offers wisdom from the Word that brings fresh perspective on unsettling seasons in life. On a faith-strengthening journey, author and Bible teacher Bill Crowder guides you through Scripture to examine a series of unexpected events in the life of Simon Peter.

Gain insights from Simon Peter’s experiences to help you enhance your understanding of God’s purpose in allowing situations of failure. Find hope and encouragement to help you focus on Jesus and not be distracted by the things surrounding you.

Discover how you can submit your heart to the will and Word of God, restore your stability in Him, and move beyond the core-shaking experiences in your life.

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Product Code: XB090
Language English
ISBN: 978-1-57293-724-6
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 112
Publish Date: Jun 11, 2012
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