The Good Shepherd

Forty Biblical Insights on Leading and Being Led

What does a good shepherd look like? How does he or she act? How does he or she lead?
Shepherding is the single most important image of leadership in the Bible. From literal shepherds such as Moses and David to the apostles calling early church elders to pastor their flocks, biblical leadership is embodied in the humble, vigilant, everyday work of shepherds.
To help us better understand this idea of shepherding, Tim Laniak spent months among Bedouin shepherds in the Middle East. Combining this rich cultural experience with careful biblical study, Tim offers 40 short readings that explore every leader’s responsibility to provide, protect, and guide. Each chapter begins with observations from Tim’s travels, continues with insights into Bible stories about shepherding, and concludes with what this means for you in your own spheres of influence, whether in the home, church, or neighborhood.
As a follower of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, you too are called to be a good shepherd of the sheep in your care.

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