If God Is God Why Do Bad Things Happen? (DVD)

Os Guinness on the Problem of Evil

by Day of Discovery

Gain a deeper understanding of what evil truly is. Discover how you can deal with it and find trust in God when bad things happen.

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A wonderful introduction to a perplexing questionReview by Mary
Mr. Guiness presents in an easily understood form the subject of a question asked by so many of us. I plan on sharing this DVD with many of my friends who witness such evil in the world but don't know why God would allow such things. I believe it may encourage them begin want to study further God's relationship with man.......and why that relationship is Truth and all other philosophies are just religions. (Posted on 8/15/2016)
ReviewReview by Customer
Although this video is well-produced, at the end of it, I was left wanting more. This is a large, complicated subject that cannot be summarized in the 45-minute run time. To do justice to this difficult topic, Discovery House should also offer the companion Part II follow-up DVD.

I've only watched this DVD. In it, I think that Mr. Guinness lingers too long on discussing the perspectives of other cultures and religions, when his restricted amount of time should have been used to help us here. Most frustrating are the broad, sweeping statements that Mr. Guinness makes, without having any time to elaborate in detail.

It's not that I think that this video is a waste of time, because some of the material was helpful to me. Nevertheless, people wanting a more in-depth discussion of this subject from Mr. Guinness, would probably be better off spending their money instead on his books (though I'm not familiar with any of them). (Posted on 1/31/2013)

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Features & Details

Features & Details

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Cruelty, injustice, and pain are facts of everyday life—some call it evil. No matter how it is encountered, the response is most often the same. Why me? Where is God? How can I stand it? When it comes to questions of suffering and evil, no one has all the answers. However, author and speaker Os Guinness presents a compelling case that leads to faith and courage. With an engaging style, he introduces three perspectives on evil, examines the difference between suffering and evil, and shares steps to help you think through the problem of evil. Discover how you can cope with life and find reason to trust in God when bad things happen.

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