Iran in the Bible (DVD)

The Forgotten Story

by Our Daily Bread Films

The land we know today as Iran was for centuries known as Persia. Recorded in the pages of the Bible are prophecies and accounts of Persian kings, heroic battles, and royal proclamations that changed the world.
Although these facts have often faded into the background, the Bible speaks of Persia as being chosen and favored for God’s grand purposes. This intriguing documentary brings to light the story of the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Through a combination of Persian texts, insights from scholars, and archaeological discoveries, you’ll get a deeper understanding of God’s promise to Abraham and its impact on the world.
See how God used both Persia and the Jewish people to help fulfill His promise that through Abraham the world would be blessed. Discover how He is directly involved in history—and can be trusted with our future. And find comfort in knowing that His plan for the world brings hope and healing to the nations.
Approximate running time: 27 minutes
Bonus feature: 9-minute version
Featured Participants: John W. Lee Ph.D., professor of history, University of California, Santa Barbara; Sasan Tavassoli, Ph.D., doctorate in Islamic studies from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom); Rev. Mansour Khajehpour; Edwin Yamauchi, Ph.D.,  professor emeritus of history, Miami University; and Tremper Longman III, Ph.D., professor of Old Testament, Westmont College

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Very informativeReview by Steve
We really enjoyed this video. As the video explains, most people don't understand the importance of ancient Persia (and present-day Iran) in fulfilling God's plan.
Thanks. (Posted on 11/4/2017)
I don't think I understand the significance of this Dvd.Review by Jul
I think it was very factual but don't think it holds and real significance. (Posted on 7/26/2017)

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Features & Details

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