God's Great Story for Kids: Creation (CD) (digital only)

by David Huntsinger

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Covering the very beginning, when God said, “Let there be light,” to the seventh day, when He rested, God’s Great Story for Kids: Creation tells how God made the world and everything in it.  Through entertaining narration, fun sound effects, and catchy songs, this CD will engage 2 to 6 year olds and teach them the truth about creation.
This delightful presentation will teach your children how—according to the Bible—God created the world. It includes fun stories that will not only entertain your little ones, but encourage them in the truth of the Word.  And they’ll love these catchy songs:
            “It’s God”
             “What a Wonderful Week It Was!”
            “Naming All the Animals”
God’s Great Story for Kids is a series of CDs that bring biblical truth to youngsters through imaginative storytelling and catchy songs.  Look for other great CDs in this series, including God’s Great Story for Kids: Joseph and God’s Great Story for Kids: Noah.

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Product Code: QB476
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Publish Date: Jun 19, 2016
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