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For God So Loved!

A God of Surprises
Today’s Reading: Matthew 7:24–29


When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with real authority—quite unlike their teachers of religious law.
(v. 28–29 NLT)


God is a God of surprises. He surprised Abraham with a promise, Sarah with a child, Isaac with a wife, and Elijah with a whisper. He surprised Samuel with a voice and Isaiah with a vision. And one day He surprised a teenage girl with an angelic visitation.

The child born to that girl surprised the learned with His knowledge of God. After coming of age and learning a trade, He surprised those around Him by setting off on a mission. On that mission He surprised lepers with cleansing, blind men with sight, sinners with forgiveness, and children with His affection. And when He delivered His famous Sermon on the Mount, He surprised us all again.

Because in that Sermon He blessed the poor and troubled, not the rich and well (Matthew 5:3–12), and called insignificant people like us His chosen change agents in the world (5:13–16). He told us to fight wars with love (5:43–48), and see God’s provision in nature (6:25–34). And He wrapped up His message with a surprising promise: that our lives will be resilient when we put His words into practice (7:24–29).

That’s something to remember this Christmastime: the One born in Bethlehem is full of surprises. He doesn’t just give us forgiveness of past sins and hope for tomorrow, but a mission to live a life of resilience now.

Sheridan Voysey