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For God So Loved!

Come and See!
Today’s Reading: Luke 2:11–15


The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today. . . . And you will recognize him.
(vv. 11–12 NLT)


The marvel of Christmas is that God lowered himself from the high and very mighty place of divinity to the low and very humble place of humanity, becoming one of us. He had been unapproachable throughout the Old Testament, always hidden in a cloud or a fire or even a whirlwind. And He’d made it clear that anyone who saw his face would die. The message was, “Keep your distance and develop a healthy fear of Me.”

But then came Luke 2. An angel said, “You will find Him!” And the shepherds said, “Let’s go and see!”

The night Jesus was born, the God of limited access changed everything. From that moment on He was no longer hidden in dark clouds, hazardous fires, or swirling winds. He was visible in a manger in Bethlehem. Anyone who desired a close relationship with Him could have it, without fear of death at getting a glimpse of Him. Divinity was making himself available, approachable, and knowable.

As Jesus arrived, we were invited to come close, to interact, to worship—in freedom. God became accessible in a brand-new way. A new invitation had been issued to “Come and see . . . God is with us!” That’s the astounding gift of love that eagerly relocated from heaven to earth on the night Christ was born.

Margaret Nyman
Prayers for a Widow’s Heart