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For God So Loved!

The Ultimate Gift
Today’s Reading: Romans 6:20–23


. . . the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.
(v. 23 NLT)


“Honey, bad news—an F-16 jet crashed. Thankfully, no casualties . . . but I’ll be gone during Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

My husband, Tony, a B-2 stealth bomber pilot, would be the investigator for the accident. Anticipating the upcoming separation, our family decorated the Christmas tree in early November.

On Christmas Eve, Tony called. Before leaving, he had strategically hidden a gift within the tree’s boughs. Tony waited on the phone as my own “investigation team” combed excitedly through the branches, hunting for secret treasure.

After an intense search, a sparkle was seen behind a branch. There glistened a diamond solitaire necklace! Oohs and aahs filled our living room, but a loud knock on the door transported me back to reality. I asked Tony to hold the line while I answered the door—where an even bigger surprise awaited me.

Outside, a grinning airman in a green flight suit stood holding his phone. “Do you like your special gift?” Tony teased. Shouts of joy echoed through the neighborhood as three kids gleefully tackled their daddy. We all wrapped him in welcoming hugs.

By leaving a secret gift, Tony assured me of his steadfast love while away. Likewise, until we are truly home with Him, Christ assures us of His love by giving the Holy Spirit. Jesus knocks on our heart’s door, waiting for us to invite Him in and receive eternal salvation. Will you answer His call?

Tony and Penny Monetti
Honored to Serve