Living With Thorns

A Biblical Survival Guide

by Mary Ann Froehlich

Survival tools for fighting despair.

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Everyone's NEEDReview by Nene
This book is extremely beautiful inside & out I highly recommend to anybody also I will be buying a copy for someone for mines belonged to my grandmother who is now deceased I found in her stuff and its honestly heart fulling & have saved me and gave me so much more comfort (Posted on 2/14/2020)
Goes Against the Grain.Review by K
This book was a wellspring among a desert of cookie-cutter answers. I have found that the answers I get in Christian circles are often very close to the answers Job's friends gave to him, and they were of little use.

God does want us to be healed and whole, but He doesn't say it necessarily be in this lifetime.

This book gives practical, empathetic guidelines on what to do if your healing/wholeness might be waiting for you on the other side of eternity.

Highly recommended for anyone who is suffering, which is everyone. (Posted on 11/25/2019)
Goes Against the Grain.Review by K
I really enjoyed this book. As someone who has often been told Christian cliches and was usually given similar advice to what Job's friends gave to him, I found this book to be a much-needed wellspring among a desert of cookie-cutter answers. I plan on sharing it with those around me who have expressed similar disappointments within Christian circles. God DOES want us healed, but what I think many Christians fail to mention is that God doesn't say we'll all be healed in this lifetime. This book gives practical, empathetic guidelines for those whose perfect healing might not be until they get to heaven. (Posted on 11/25/2019)
Not biblical Review by Emanuel
Thorns are the persecutions only.
But we will have persecution of which always God delivers us
Paul was persecuted for the abundance of revelation. Not with sickness
Wrong doctrine
God wants you well always!!!
(Posted on 4/14/2019)
excellentReview by Jayne
I have had a chronic illness for 30 years and this book has been a helpful and compassionate companion full of scripture. When a God says no to removing your thorn and instead, "My grace is sufficient for you.."....this book is an excellent friend. (Posted on 9/11/2017)

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Features & Details

Features & Details

Product Code: DJ926
Language English
ISBN: 978-1-57293-263-0
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 208
Publish Date: Jun 1, 2009



Do you struggle with pain in your life? It could be anything—a physical condition, fearful circumstances, a great sorrow, financial hardship. What matters is, it hurts. And no matter how earnestly you've asked God to remove the pain, it remains.

Living with Thorns is written for you. Mary Ann Froehlich understands your struggles because of the heartaches she herself has endured. She has also seen how miracles occur even when outward circumstances remain unchanged.

With honesty and sensitivity, the author of An Early Journey Home takes you inside God's Word to find comfort, encouragement, and a deeply rooted faith that can withstand prolonged adversity. Better still, Froehlich gives you tangible survival tools for dealing with unchanging conditions and fighting the despair that so often accompanies ongoing pain.