Discover the Power and Reality of Authentic Christian Forgiveness

by Gary Inrig

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Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely word, until they have something to forgive. — C.S. Lewis

Terrorists kill innocent people. Political leaders abuse their power. Executives mishandle money. Religious leaders exploit society’s most vulnerable. Parents abuse children. And spouses abuse one another. Our world is broken and infected with sin.

How can we forgive those who hurt us? Why do we still need to pray for them? What if we’re actually the ones in the wrong? We all sin against God, and against each other. We try to validate ourselves, but our hearts know that we have wronged others—and usually, it’s the ones we love most. 

Gary Inrig provides a biblical principle of forgiveness to help you experience the joy and freedom God promises. Forgiving cannot be a mere intellectual exercise; it requires facing people and situations you'd rather ignore. Everyone struggles with forgiveness because it often involves heart-wrenching pain. He offers no simple formulas. His insights and wisdom will stretch your understanding of what forgiveness really is, and open your heart to the cleansing, liberation, and transformation that true forgiveness brings.

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