God's Great Story for Kids: Joseph (CD) (digital only)

by David Huntsinger

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We don’t always understand how God is working in someone’s life until the end of the story.  A great example of that is the beloved Bible account of Joseph. Kids will see the big picture of God’s plans for Joseph and his family in the captivating CD, God’s Great Story for Kids: Joseph.

Kids will love this entertaining mix of creative storytelling and engaging songs describing the ups and downs of Joseph’s life.  From early on, when he was treated poorly by his brothers, to the time he was hailed as a ruler, Joseph served God through everything, whether bad or good.  And little ones will learn that God is always faithful to His people.
Kids will enjoy singing along to these catchy songs:
“The Dream That Was Meant for You”        
“How Does It Feel to Be the Favorite One?”
“Hey, Joseph!”
“I Really, Really, Really, Really Love My Life!”
“Beautiful Again”
God’s Great Story for Kids is a series of CDs that bring biblical truth to youngsters through imaginative storytelling and catchy songs.  Look for other great CDs in this series, including God’s Great Story for Kids: Creation and God’s Great Story for Kids: Noah.

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Features & Details

Product Code: EG078
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Publish Date: Jun 20, 2016