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Out of the Dust is so much more than just the name of a band or a CD. The husband-and-wife duo of Chris and Stephanie Teague experienced God breathing life back into their souls as He healed their marriage. Through their first marriage, divorce, and remarriage, they experienced both the hopelessness that life can bring but also the power of God to restore. The lyrics in their songs reflect their heartfelt emotions and unwavering faith in God.
Their musical style is a unique mix of indie, folk, and pop that will draw you in as their lyrics speak to your soul. You’ll find yourself easily relating to the struggles Chris and Stephanie describe, even if you have different life experiences.  But even as we all struggle, Out of the Dust’s music will point you to the Healer.

Read their testimony below!

Chris & Stephanie Teague 1.23.17

She was a quiet, well-churched sixteen year old with a strong family background. He was a fun-loving, extroverted seventeen year old eager to serve God. These two different personalities met at the orientation for a mission trip, and the attraction was instantaneous.

The emotional high of serving together on a mission trip followed by hanging out whenever they could led to a fast and deep connection. Two years later, Chris proposed to Stephanie on the beach at sunrise. They were married a year later at nineteen and twenty years old—young and blissfully optimistic.

“I think we went through the stereotypical honeymoon phase,” Stephanie said. “I don’t think it lasted as long as I thought it would because we came into our marriage with such different expectations.” The expectations themselves, based on how they had each grown up, were not wrong, but the young couple didn’t communicate as well as they could have. Combine that with trying to navigate through college, financial disharmony, and a lack of mentorship, and the tension started to mount.

Even as they were leading worship at church, Chris was experiencing serious doubts about his faith and starting down a path of poor choices. He played the “Christian” on Sunday, but spent his weekdays surrounded by “voices that just didn’t even acknowledge God whatsoever, and that started to chip away at that foundation. I’d find articles online questioning Jesus’s validity and read articles about the argument against God. And once the pyramid starts to crumble, I think it tumbles pretty fast.”

“I had married a good girl. I was going to college, and I was pursuing the dream,” Chris continued. “But unconsciously I think I was very dissatisfied. Here comes the party scene, and it gave me sort of the joy that I felt maybe was missing.”

While Stephanie realized they had some challenges, she had no idea that her husband had been living a double life—until January 21, 2010.

“Chris sits me down,” Stephanie vividly remembers. “And just out of nowhere he said, ‘I don’t believe in God anymore, and I don’t want to be married anymore.’ In that moment—the five seconds it took him to say that—my life as I knew it was gone.” They had been married less than four years.

She was stunned. He was relieved.

“I’d lived in those two worlds for years, and it was much easier for me to say than it was for her to hear because I’d prepared,” Chris said.

Stephanie sat in shock as her mind tried to sort through what she’d just heard. “I don’t think I knew how to handle all the emotions that were going through me, because it was just the utter desperation of being out of control of the situation,” she recalled.

“The church and our marriage stood in the way of what I wanted to do and the path that I wanted to take,” Chris confessed. “God was just replaced with my will.”

After that momentous night, they continued to live together for another month. During that time, Stephanie and those who loved the couple fought for the marriage, but Chris’s mind was made up. Divorce papers were filed. Stephanie moved out. Five months later the marriage was done.

But God wasn’t done. He was working on each of their hearts.

Chris lived out what he thought he wanted. “Freedom is nice for a little while. But freedom to sin is not freedom. Freedom to sin is slavery,” he said.

Stephanie’s priorities were being challenged too. “Going through the loss of my life and my husband revealed to me the idol that I made out of my need to control,” Stephanie admitted. “And as much as I had said, ‘God, my life is yours. Do with it what you want,’ I think that I was doing it with a closed fist.”

A women’s retreat in the spring and a mission trip to Nigeria that summer further opened her eyes. Stephanie said, “I’d never experienced a tragedy or trauma like I was, and so to be forced into that desperate situation was necessary for me to really understand what the love of the Father feels like to the brokenhearted.”

Stephanie continued to sing on the worship team, bought a house, and was navigating her new normal day by day with a peace that only God can give. And through it all, she didn’t play the victim card. “I wasn’t running off wanting to do these sinful behaviors off to the side, but mine was inward, and it was deep,” Stephanie acknowledged. “I couldn’t see the self-righteousness and the selfishness that I had. My sin was still sin, and it was still destructive.”

And as she mourned the breakup of her marriage, she mourned for Chris’s soul.

“Through the carnage that followed me, I was blazing a trail of selfishness; and the hurting didn’t stop once I left [the marriage],” Chris continued. “As a consequence of some of those circumstances and just the natural outcome of sin, God in His mercy allowed me to see what I had done. And when I woke up in the morning and I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see a free man anymore. I saw an anxious, lost, terrified little boy.”

Chris finally found what his heart had been yearning for—his identity in Christ. He acknowledged that God had graciously offered this gift, and that was enough. Yet, he couldn’t help but wonder if there was still a shred of hope for a reunion with Stephanie.

Chris reached out, and Stephanie agreed to talk. He came to her house, but she didn’t let him in. It was her safe place—a home where her family and friends had written Scripture verses all over the sub-floor before they resurfaced it. So they walked around the neighborhood for several hours sharing stories of what God had done in each of their lives while they were apart.

Although she could clearly see that Chris was a changed man, Stephanie wasn’t eager to jump back into their relationship. “There’s trust that needs to be rebuilt,” Stephanie said. “He did some counseling on his own. I did some. We did some together. It took me a while to put my heart out there again to the one who broke it.”

Chris understood. “You don’t unpack years of lying and hiding in a couple of days. It was a process.”

In November 2010, they had their second “first date.” But this time around, it was different. They actively sought advice from people they trusted—their families, counselors, pastors. With everyone in agreement, they were engaged in January 2011 and remarried shortly after.

“We were very intentional with our second wedding,” Stephanie said. “We even had a time of sharing before the ceremony of our family members and us reflecting on God’s goodness over that past year and what He had brought us through.”

God not only resurrected their marriage, He gave them a new direction—creating music together as Out of the Dust.

“The name Out of the Dust is so deeply tied to who we are and what we came from and what God brought us through,” Chris said. “Our marriage was reduced to dust and ash. But just like God breathed life into the dust of the earth and created Adam, He breathed life back into us.”

“Jesus is the truest source of hope,”Chris continued. “Life is hard, and it’s beautiful in all of its nuances. When you’re in it, it’s so difficult. But beyond that and through that, God works. God moves and God heals and God redeems. And it’s worth it.”

Find hope and healing on their Out of the Dust CD.

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Delightful music!Review by Denise
I haven't even bought the CD yet, but listened to the preview songs. I love this, the style, your voices, modern and yet worshipful, and meaningful. Buying the CD soon! (Posted on 6/2/2018)
Fantastic Story and Excellent MusicReview by Phil
This is the first album I have purchased in a long time. Love the message and the music. Excellent job! (Posted on 3/23/2018)

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