Romans (DVD and Leader's Guide)

The Letter That Changed the World

by Daylight Bible Study Series

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Explore Paul’s life-changing, history-shaping letter to the Romans.

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Brilliant. Counter-cultural. History-shaping. With blazing clarity, Paul’s letter to the early churches in Rome revealed both the transforming light of the gospel and the darkness of the surrounding world.

Now, in 12 interactive, DVD-based small group sessions, Romans: The Letter That Changed the World takes you to a land of the Bible much bigger than you’ve imagined—to the vast sweep of the ancient Roman Empire and the cradle of the newborn church. With Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung, wander the ruins of Scythopolis. Marvel at the imposing arches of the aqueduct. Explore a stone dungeon in the capitol city of Rome. And discover just how radical a message Paul’s letter to the Romans really was—why it has inspired both hope and conflict through the centuries and why today it continues to challenge our culture and change hearts and lives.

Complete with an easy-to-use, 92-page leader’s guide, this Daylight Bible Studies DVD will help you more fully grasp the powerful, foundational truths of Christianity and their meaning for your life. Study guides and extra leader’s guides sold separately.

Click here for user's Study Guides to Romans: The Letter That Changed the World. Runtime 156 Minutes.

Approximate runtime for video sessions

   1. Rome's Major Flaw  
   2.  A People Problem  
   3.  Pax Romana  
   4.  Faith Alone  
   5.  Rome: The Good and The Bad  
   6.  The Law as a Mirror  
   7.  A New Day has Dawned  
   8.  Messiah Hope  
   9.  Church and State  
   10.  Transformed Living  
   11.  Paul's Peace Movement  
   12.  The Church United  

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Runtime: 156 Minutes, 12 Lessons
Publish Date: Dec 31, 2012
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