Romans (Daylight Set)

The Letter that Changed the World

by Daylight Bible Study Series

A 12-lesson study of Paul's letters that will help you live a holy life even in a secular society

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Hosts Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung travel to sites that were once ruled by the Roman Empire and were changed by the transforming light of the gospel. This 12-lesson study of Paul's letters can help us live a holy life even in a society that is challenged by greed and disrespect.

Your kit includes a 12-lesson DVD, a leader's guide, and 1 participant study guide. Additional participant user guides are available hereRuntime 156 Minutes.

Approximate runtime for video sessions

   1. Rome's Major Flaw  
   2.  A People Problem  
   3.  Pax Romana  
   4.  Faith Alone  
   5.  Rome: The Good and The Bad  
   6.  The Law as a Mirror  
   7.  A New Day has Dawned  
   8.  Messiah Hope  
   9.  Church and State  
   10.  Transformed Living  
   11.  Paul's Peace Movement  
   12.  The Church United  
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Publish Date: Jun 30, 2013
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