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From pages 19 and 20 of The Quotable Oswald Chambers


Ambition means a set purpose for the attainment of our own ideal, and as such it is excluded from the Kingdom of Our Lord.
So Send I You,
1319 R

Am I set on my own way for God? We are never free from this snare until we are brought into the experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. Obstinacy and self-will will always stab Jesus Christ. It may hurt no one else, but it wounds His Spirit. Whenever we are obstinate and self-willed and set upon our own ambitions, we are hurting Jesus. Every time we stand on our rights and insist that this is what we intend to do, we are persecuting Jesus. Whenever we stand on our dignity we systematically vex and grieve His Spirit.
My Utmost for His Highest, January 28, 743



God is the only Being who can afford to be misunderstood; we cannot, Job could not, but God can. If we are misunderstood we “get about” the man as soon as we can. St. Augustine prayed, “O Lord, deliver me from this lust of always vindicating myself.” God never vindicates Himself; He deliberately stands aside and lets all sorts of slanders heap on Him, yet He is not in any hurry.
Baffled to Fight Better, 54 R

It is perilously possible to make our conceptions of God like molten lead poured into a specially designed mould, and when it is cold and hard we fling it at the heads of the religious people who don’t agree with us.  
Disciples Indeed, 388 R

If you are a logician you may often gain your point in a debate and yet feel yourself in the wrong. You get the best of it in disputing with some people because their minds are not clever, but when you get away from your flush of triumph you feel you have missed the point altogether; you have won on debate, but not on fact.
Baffled to Fight Better, 57 L

You cannot get at the basis of things by disputing. Our Lord Himself comes off second best every time in a logical argument, and yet you know that He has in reality come off “more than conqueror.” Jesus Christ lived in the moral domain and, in a sense, the intellect is of no use there. Intellect is not a guide, but an instrument.
Baffled to Fight Better, 57 L

“Being ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason concerning the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15 RV). To give “a reason concerning the hope that is in you” is not at all the same thing as convincing by reasonable argument why that hope is in us . . . The line we are continually apt to be caught by is that of argumentative reasoning out why we are what we are; we can never do that, but we can always say why the hope is in us.
God’s Workmanship, 451 L

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