101 Important Words about Jesus

And the Remarkable Difference They Make

by Len Woods

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Compelling Words That Illuminate the Living Word

Words like messiah, savior, and lamb describe who Jesus is. Words like compassion, truth, and love reveal His character.  Words like doubt, hated, and question tell us how He was treated. 
Jesus is the most controversial figure of all time, and there are many words to tell His story. This book takes 101 of those words in Scripture and unpacks and demystifies them so you can clearly understand their intended meaning. You'll be informed, challenged, and inspired as Len Woods shows you new aspects of Jesus and the Bible's words about Him that you've never thought about before. 101 Important Words about Jesus allows the Living Word to come alive for you, for the first time or the hundred-and-first time.

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Publish Date: Mar 1, 2021
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