What on Earth Is Happening?

What Jesus Said about the Future

by Ray C. Stedman

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People are curious about the end times. Some look for assurance in the wrong places—or if they do turn to Scripture, they don’t always understand it. In What on Earth Is Happening? What Jesus Said about the End of the Age, Ray Stedman brings the mysterious realm of end-times theology down to earth. He explores the prophetic words of Jesus from Matthew 24 and 25, explaining them in everyday language. This passage—often referred to as the Olivet Discourse—is basically Jesus’s prediction from the Mount of Olives of His own second coming. You will gain confidence in your understanding of the last days and God’s ultimate plans for your future.

End-times interpretations often contradict each other. It’s important to find a reliable explanation that approaches biblical prophecy rationally, without sensationalism. Ray Stedman makes a difficult subject understandable as he explains Jesus’s words verse by verse, and lets Scripture interpret Scripture.

Ray C. Stedman (1917–1992) was one of the great pastors, expositors, and spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. He has become known as a trusted source on biblical teaching. You may also enjoy other books of his including God’s Final Word: Understanding Revelation, On the Way to the Future: Daniel’s Visions and the Believer’s Hope, and Hope in a Chaotic World: First and Second Thessalonians.

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